2003 GAOC Annual General Meeting -- Minutes
June 8, 2003, Sweetwater Creek State Park

Prior to the meeting, Laurie held the I-Heart-Volunteer Raffle using a White Elephant Gift Exchange format. Many gifts were chosen, stolen, stolen back, and everyone enjoyed it and wound up with their ideal gifts.

President Bob Domine called the meeting to order.

Robin Shannonhouse presented the Treasurer's report and the minutes of the 2002 AGM. Both were approved unanimously.

Bob called for each VP to give a report.

VP Maps -- Sam Smith reported on the progress of the maps for the 2004 Convention. A new project will be a map of Truitt McConnell College for Park-O, sponsored thru a grant from USOF.

Motion: Sam proposed that a committee be formed to make the Park-O map, comprised of Rick Shane, Kevin Haywood, Martha Carr, and Shawn Callahan, and that the committee be given a budget of $1000 and a deadline of April 2004.
Approved unanimously.

Motion: Sam proposed that a committee be formed to make the Trail-O map for the U.S. Trail-O Championships at the 2004 Convention, comprised of Rick Shane and Bill Farrell, with a budget of $500. Approved unanimously.

Discussion followed on updating the Watson Mill and Dauset Trails maps.

VP Equipment -- Bill Farrell reported the GAOC Clubhouse is leaking. Meet Directors are not bringing the kits back to the clubhouse and thus he is not able to check and replace items.

Martha has acquired some new compasses for GAOC. Bill also requested that Meet Directors should be sure to return all equipment dry to eliminate mold problems.

VP Website -- Laurie Searle reported that we have registered a new domain name for the Convention 2004 website and it will be up and running soon.

As Convention Director, Laurie also reported that our Convention bid was approved and our Convention A-meet sanctioned. Flyers for the 2004 Convention will be distributed at the 2003 Convention. The license agreement with Truitt McConnell is due soon with a deposit of $10/camper/week and we will reserve 300 spaces. Any deposit not used will be applied to the total cost.

There will be a competition for designing the Convention t-shirt.

Laurie was asked questions regarding the online newsletter in regard to the printed newsletter and discussion ensued. The printed newsletter doesn't seem to be going out. Bob will contact Nancy Ferguson to see if there is a problem.

There was also a question regarding having advertising on the GAOC website.

Motion: Linda Domine proposed a committee be formed to develop a website policy covering links, advertising, etc., comprised of Laurie Searle, Shawn Callahan, Kevin Haywood, and Bob Domine.

Laurie proposed an amendment to the motion that the draft policy be in the hands of the GAOC officers by NOD, which was accepted by Linda as a friendly amendment.
Approved unanimously.

VP Volunteers -- Linda Domine thanked everyone for helping this year, especially those that stepped in with immediate help when scheduled volunteers did not show up. Thanks also go to Laurie for organizing the AGM event and picnic.

Linda asked for suggestions on the volunteer passes and the I-Heart-Volunteer raffle. Discussion ensued and the consensus decision was to continue the volunteer passes with no time limit as to when they must be used, with the volunteers responsible for getting their passes from the meet director. The I-Heart-Volunteer Raffle will be continued as a separate program.

VP South Georgia -- Kevin Haywood reported that he is trying to update our Southern-most maps and looking around for suitable terrains for more middle Georgia maps. He presented resource maps of 4 areas under consideration.

New Business

Ron Sanders pointed out that GAOC has a lot to offer and to gain from an association with adventure racers and volunteered to be a liaison.

Motion: Ron proposed that a working group be formed to work on setting up a collaboration with adventure racers, comprised of Shawn Callahan, Linda Domine, and Ron and Michelle Sanders.
Approved unanimously.


Steve Shannonhouse was unanimously elected Treasurer for another term.

Robin Shannonhouse was unanimously elected Secretary for another term.

VP Appointments

Bob Domine, as President, reappointed all current VP's to another year's term. He also created a new VP Adventure Racers and appointed Ron Sanders to fill it.

Bob then called for adjournment. Approved unanimously.

Submitted by
Robin Shannonhouse
GAOC Secretary