Volunteer Job Descriptions

The following descriptions are high-level summaries of the A-Meet volunteer jobs. Procedures and equipment lists will be posted in a Volunteer Guide prior to the meet.

Meet Director 
Skills - Project Management, Event Management, Budget experience

bulletSubmits bid to USOF
bulletSubmits budget to club President
bulletManages all volunteers
bulletCoordinates the entire event
bulletDirects all other volunteers
bulletManages Public Relations - ads to ONA, Event Guides, Registration Forms
bulletContracts with vendors for the following meet essentials:
bulletEvent T-shirts 
bulletEvent Awards
bulletWater and cups
bulletMap Bags
bulletBusses or transportation 

Skills - Experience with computer software and Microsoft Access, Problem Solver

bulletCompiles and enters event registration
bulletResponds to participant inquiries
bulletAssigns start times
bulletManages event fees - collects fees, balances fees to checks, sends money to Treasurer
bulletSends Meet Director updates
bulletStuffs event packets
bulletHands out packets and t-shirts at meet headquarters
bullet Coordinates database with Results manager

Headquarters Helpers
Skills - Able to take direction and also be nice to lots of people

bulletHelps Registrar hand out packets
bulletHands out t-shirts and other supplementary items
bulletAnswers questions and/or directs questions to appropriate official

Finish Crew
Skills -  Able to take direction and stay calm  :-0

bulletCollects maps and punch cards from competitors as the cross the Finish line
bulletRecords finish time on a finish sheet
bulletChecks the punch cards for accuracy
bulletSubmits punch cards and finish sheets to results crew

Results Crew
Skills -
Experience with Microsoft Access, Problem Solver 

bulletCoordinates with Meet Director and Registrar
bullet Receives participate finish times & enters into computer
bulletPeriodically posts interim results lists
bulletInvestigates disputed Results
bulletReconciles runners in with runners out - report missing runners to field crew chief
bulletPrints final results list on day 1 and day 2

Search & Rescue
Skills - Advanced orienteering skills, licensed ham radio operator helpful

bulletOrganizes team to find runners who are overtime
bulletNotifies park staff as appropriate
bulletEnsures lost competitor gets any aid required

Emergency Medical  
Skills - Certified EMT or higher medical training

bulletStaffs a health and safety area near the Finish
bulletAdministers assistance to injured participants
bulletReports serious injuries and illnesses to Meet Director

Traffic Crew
Skills - logistical skills, good at communicating directions

bulletDirects participants to parking zones
bulletKeeps participants out of no-parking zones

Skills - Good at pronouncing names & managing ceremony

bulletSets up awards on day 2
bulletAnnounces & Congratulates winners
bulletHands out awards using list provided by Results crew

Course Setter
Skills - Expert Orienteering skills, project management skills

bulletDesigns competitive courses
bulletDrafts clue sheets
bulletHangs vetting tape at control locations
bulletCoordinates with Meet Director, park staff, Vetters, Course Consultant
bulletProvides vetting maps with courses and clues to vetters
bulletSolves vetting problems & makes course adjustments with Vetters
bulletWorks with VP Maps to coordinate printing of courses on the maps

Course Vetters
Skills - Expert orienteering skills, course setting skills

bulletChecks courses for appropriate difficulty and safety, notes map errors
bulletChecks vetting tapes for accurate control placement and clue description
bulletRuns courses for time or arranges for them to be run for time
bulletReports any problems and coordinates solving them with Course Setter
bulletHelps with control put-out prior to the event and bag pick-up after the event

Meet Construction
Skills - Organization and construction abilities

bulletCrew chief works with other crew chiefs to make sure they have what they need to construct their stations
bulletSets up Start and Finish area
bulletSets up tarp, tents, taped off areas as needed