Local Meet
Volunteer Job Descriptions

Meet Director: 0930:4:00
Experience Level - Intermediate Level & above, administrative & management skills helpful

bulletPicks up meet supplies from the GAOC club house
bulletArranges for sufficient quantity of maps with VP Maps
bulletCoordinates with GAOC President and park managers
bulletDirects all other volunteers
bulletHands out any volunteer coupons or awards
bulletDelivers event money & paperwork to treasurer
bulletCompiles results and sends to webmaster
bulletReturns meet supplies to the GAOC club house

Course Setter: Prior to the meet
Experience Level - Expert

bulletDesigns the courses
bulletMakes the master maps & clues
bulletSends info to VP Maps for preprinted maps
bulletSets the courses
bulletPuts out water
bulletManages control bag pickup

Beginner Instructor: 10:00-12:00
Experience Level - Comfortable teaching navigation for White and Yellow courses

bulletPrepares for and leads beginner training between 10 am and 12 am
bulletInclude information on meet procedures, map reading and rules

Registrar - 10:00-1:00
Experience Level - Intermediate Level or above, administrative experience helpful

bulletAcquires necessary supplies from the meet director
bulletInstructs participants on how to fill out registration form
bulletProvides advice on which course participant should run
bulletCollects registration fees & filled-in registration forms
bulletHands out maps, clue sheets, and punch cards
bulletTurns in money and registration forms to meet director

Start/Finish Coordinator: 11:00-3:00
Experience Level - Intermediate Level or above, good math skills

bulletAcquires necessary supplies from the meet director and manages start/finish functions
bullet Records names, courses, and start times 
bulletSends participants out at 2 minute intervals
bulletRecords finish times
bulletCalculates results
bulletGives result sheets to meet director

Control Pick-Up: 3:00-4:00
Experience Level - Intermediate Level and above

bullet Picks up control bags as directed by the course setter.
bulletPicks up the water, unused cups, trash from water stops