Bert Adams Scout Reservation
Score O
October 5, 2003

The star of the show was the perfect weather, the help of so many volunteers, and the bright shining faces of SO MANY new orienteers, especially the very young ones. Another star was David Barron, the Ranger at the camp, without whose cooperation, help, and support none of this would be possible. As Bob and Linda pointed out, he even helped with bag pickup. He was good at it, too.

Bob and Linda were too kind with their comments. I threw in a few inadvertent curves. Several people mentioned / complained about the location and letter designation of Control #15. When both were wrong, that should have been a dead giveaway. It was a decoy. The real Control #15 was properly placed. The decoy was inadvertent–an extra control not on the map. Next year we may do it on purpose. Another curve was my attempt to make last minute map corrections. My numbered changes with legend at the bottom were mistaken by some to be changed controls. The lack of clarity was my fault. The Bert Adams Scout Reservation map is a work in progress. There is much potential for improvement–even more for expansion into other areas, and adaptation for Canoe-O. Additional mappers are needed.

Fortunately, everyone seemed to be in a forgiving mood, maybe because of the perfect weather.

There were four options:

Advanced, Intermediate, GP (Glutton for Punishment) and Search and Destroy (for teams)

There was a 90 minute time limit and a 5 point per minute penalty for overtime.  Some took their time and walked and enjoyed the beautiful weather and explored the new (to Orienteering) property.  They were designated "Wayfarers".

Here are the results:

Advanced Max 490

Control #s 13-36 with varying values from 10-40 points

Callahan 490

Dunlap 230

Trailblazers-Dan, Kevin, Namrita 90

Tuttle dnf

Zurovsky Time-Wayfarer

Glutton for Punishment Max 610

All Controls 1-36 (-29) with varying values from 10-40 points

Ferguson 590

Goble 450

Guido 430

Pittman 400

Snipes 260

Tumlin 240

50 Somethings 190

Intermediate Max 280

Control #s 1-24 with varying values from 10-20 points

Callahan 280

Neal-Kennesaw Mtn. NJROTC 260

Shannonhouse 260

Galt-Kennesaw Mtn. NJROTC 260

T-1776 (7) 250

Rainwater / Garner 240

Yates 240

Loy 230

MacBrien & Hovington 220

Stafford 220

Porter 220

Kestner 210

Cheplak 200

Ruston 200

Morrison 190

Rosenthal 180

Southerland 180

Nicholas 180

Danko 180

Holler-KM NJROTC 160

Aldridge 160

Nadeau 160

Montgomery 160

Arawine-KM NJROTC 160

No name 140

Stephen & Eric 140

Gardner squared 140

Thomas & Jones-T168 140

T-876 A (4) 140

Auger 130

Hunt-KM NJROTC 120

Braer 120

T-876 B (4) 120

Murray / Gardner 120

Wamble / Gardner 110

Adams / Woods 100

Kendall 100

Chambers / Hoover 90

Gahan-Luella ROTC 80

L. Nichols 70

Prosla-Luella NJROTC 70

Benson-Luella NJROTC 70

Behan-Luella ROTC 70

McCausland-Luella ROTC 60

Pittman-Luella NJROTC 60

Officer-Luella NJROTC 60

Carden-Luella NJROTC 60

Curcuru 60

Allen-Luella NJROTC 60

Behan-Luella NJROTC 60

Dunlap-KM ROTC 30

Anderson (3) dnf

Search and Destroy

Max 610

All Control #1-36 with varying values from 10-40 points divided

strategically among team members so as to obtain all Controls.

Duplicates are subtracted.

Team Bonk


Loy Hellcats (6) Stockbridge NJROTC, 510

Wages, Gibbs, Luella ROTC


Stockbridge NJROTC-Schroeder, Byrd 450

Lovett, White, Yamakami, Narushi, Paerson-Kennesaw ROTC 440

Carruth, Miller, McCullough, Allen-Parkview MCJROTC 400

Krinke, Nichols, Johnston, Jones, Dewberry, Luella ROTC 250

Brandt, Brandt, Old, Fergusun-Parkview MCJROTC 250

Harris (5) Luella NJROTC


Jones, Patel, Brown, Gray-Parkview MCJROTC 200

Fulks, Kelly, Poole-Parkview MCJROTC 190

Hulsey, Ryan, Sells