O meet @ Mistletoe SP - 03/20/05  

Newspaper Article about the Meet

Weather: Just ideal for Orienteering, 70 deg F            
Meet director: Guido Nordmann                
Set-up / water / etc.: Rick Shane, Mike Fergusson, Dan Pitman, Jay Pitman        
Instructions: Steve Shannonhouse                
Registration: Mike Ferguson                
Start / Finish: Rick Shane, Steve Shannonhouse, Andreas Haldi          
Bag Pick-up: Rick Shane, Steve Shannonhouse, Robin Shannonhouse, Andreas Haldi, Martina Slamova, Bill Farrell
A big thank you to all of you who chipped in and helped! I couldn't have done it without your help!        
Also thanks to everybody who took the time to come to East Georgia for some fun time in the woods.        
White - 2,870m                    
Jeremy Pratssman White 34:39                
Elizabeth & Shanene White 44:53                
Ryan Stunali & Curtis Goss White 56:58                
Jim & Eric Danko White 66:15                
Amber & Amber White 67:03                
Steffanie & JD White 67:39                
Kyle & Selma White 72:13                
Allen & Roxanna White 78:20                
Tamitha Orider & Katie Al-Rammal White 80:18                
Yellow - 3,290m 0 0                
Robin Shannonhouse Yellow 63:09                
Jeremy Pratssman Yellow 69:03                
Elizabeth & Shanene Yellow 69:22                
Kyle & Steffanie Yellow 82:26                
Curtis Goss & Ryan Stanal Yellow DNF                
Amber & Amber Yellow DNF                
Roxanna & Allen & Tamatha Yellow DNF                
Orange - 5,530m                    
Jeremy Morris Orange 101:53                
Darren Bouknight Orange 116:05                
Missy Kaler Orange 165:43                
Joel Shiver & Jan Kirkham Orange DNF                
Green - 6,010m                    
Jay Pitman Green 108:06                
Stan Knight Green 116:07                
Bill Farrell Green 117:02                
Red - 7,560m                    
Daniel Pitman Red 85:16                
Artur Intson Red 112:29                
Rick Shane Red 150:37                
Keith Hulsey Red DNF                
Mike Fergusson Red DNF                
Lorna & Sheldon Red DNF                
Martina Slamova Red DNF                
Blue - 10,010m                    
Andreas Haldi Blue 82:06                
David Knight Blue 104:45                
Patrick & Colleen Blue DQ