Cochran Mill Night O

October 27, 2007

Meet Director:  Martha Carr

Course Setter:  Bill Farrell

Helpers:  Greg Dunlap, Rick Shane, Steve Shannonhouse, Joey Ciza


It was fun! Good friends, scary O and good food... and the Moon!
Weather was perfect and many smiling faces... full of Martha's custom bags of candy!!!
None of this happens without HELP... A Big Thank You to all who helped: Steve, Robbie, Rick, Joey and Greg(placed half the bags, picked-up all of them--now that is HELP!). I can't wait to put your name in lights too! Martha will send a note soon.
I want you to note the last 3 meets were -- won by women! How sweet it is... and now the young Shane women are improving every time out! Go Girls!
I will try to do a Excel:"who did what" sheet -- later.

Lisa Randall 870
Rick Shane 760
Eva & Bryan Goble 750
Bill Kirsch 720
Felix Smith 700
West/Southerland 690
Neil Martin 680
Barior/Lymon 660
Stephen Barney Eric Susan Millen 660
Erica, Stephanie, Rebecca Shane 650
Chris Randall 650
B. Gauspohl, R. Romaine, J. Williams 630
Leach/Curtain?Farmer 620
Bob&Connor Fros 590
John&Cheryl Leipold 570 (620 less pen.)
NAthan&Mariko Conan 560
Joey Ciza 510 (the most hard bags)
Amy Williams/Bob Gauspohl 440
Chase Hightower 360
Jay Scott 340 (360 less pen.)
Ferreira, Angelo, Weise 330
Jackson,Ramirez,Nen' 330
Mar'o Mele 320 (340 less pen.)
Poss/Alex 310 (330 less pen.)
Lagen,Ritchie 250 (300 less pen.)
Nieto,Ramos,Lopez 170

Sorry about the names... print pretty, I'll get it right--maybe!
Things will be slow.. everybody's out of town.
Thanks, Bill