Mistletoe State Park - 05/06/07          
Weather: Just ideal for Orienteering, 65 deg F    
Meet director: Guido Nordmann        
Set-up / water / etc.: Martha Carr, Bill Farrell, Steve Shannonhouse, Jay Pittman
Instructions: Robin Shannonhouse        
Registration: Panja Weaver        
Start / Finish: Jay Pittman        
Bag Pick-up: Martha Carr, Bill Farrell, Bill Cheatum, Jay Pittman  
A big thank you to all of you who chipped in and helped! I couldn't have done it without your help!
Also thanks to everybody who took the time to come to East Georgia for some fun time in the woods.
White - 2,820m            
Kirk Voelkel, Eric Wisherd White 47        
Michael Thompson White 58        
Jeff Dietrich White 68        
Pawel, Josh, Andrew White 78        
Christopher, Gabe, Aaron, Sate White 82        
Yellow - 2,980m            
Josh Boulineau, AJ Freeman, Michael Thompson Yellow 73        
Kirk Voelkel, Eric Wisherd Yellow 84        
Paul Burwinkel, Bill Charters, Michael Poirier Yellow 103        
D. Roberts Yellow 121        
Bruce, Hunter, Ariel, Mia Yellow 128        
Nick, Anthony Yellow DNF        
Orange - 5,120m            
Tony Edmundson Orange 148        
Josh Boulineau, AJ Freeman Orange DNF        
Green - 6,220m            
Bill Cheatum Green 75        
Bill Farrell Green 130        
Steve Shannonhouse Green 140        
Jay Pittman Green 142        
Martha Carr Green 175        
Jim Kelleher Green DNF        
Red - 7,600m            
Deldon Barfuss, Matt Roper Red 175