Once again it could not have been done without the help of a lot of people.

I want to thank Kevin Haywood who is an incredible whiz at mapping. He came out to BASR on his own during the year. It is due mostly to his dedication that we were able, for the first time to take the event on the other side of the lake. That area has real promise for the future, but much more work on the map is needed. Kevin not only did the mapping, but he helped with course setting, admin on meet day and bag pick-up.

I would like to thank Robin, Steve and Amy Williams for Admin, and Robin and Bill for Instruction.

Also, I want to thank Brian Carlson and the whole Bringle family, Per, Anna, Oskar and Gustav as well as Kevin for help with bag pick-up.

I was not in the main pavilion, so I there were probably many more helpers whom I have not mentioned.

Last but certainly not least, the biggest help comes each year from BASR Ranger David Barron. He helps with EVERY aspect of the event. He knows the camp like the back of his hand and each year saves us countless hours by alerting us to changes in the map, and existing errors or improvements that could be made. He has contributed many other resources toward improvement of the map. He puts up with us running all over his camp on what is supposed to be his day off, all on the heels of an event attended by 2,000 scouts and family. He truly enjoys having us and is a true pleasure to work with.

It is the nature of BASR that there will always need to be more mapping from year to year, because of the fact that it is a Boy Scout Camp. It changes much more than other parks we use.

That said, the camp will soon undergo major changes with addition of a swimming pool and a new dining hall among other things--all in the area we traditionally use. The activity calendar has also changed at BASR so that the Boy Scouts no longer have an O event dovetailing with our schedule. Because of scheduled construction and until we know more about the Boy Scout schedule, meets at BASR are on a temporary hold and are not on our 2009 calendar. We hope to be able to reschedule again in 2010. One thing that will make that MUCH more likely is if we can find other members and especially those with a scout connection who can help with the mapping at BASR. (I have tried for years to get a cadre of scouts and scout leaders who live near the camp to take that up as a continuing project). There are areas of the camp which we could use that would not be affected by construction, but they desperately need to be mapped better. Kevin has done much much more than his share, and both he and I live more than 90 minutes from the camp. We need a concerted mapping effort with much participation to get BASR back on the schedule quickly. I will be glad to help and do what I can, but cannot take the lead considering the distance to the camp and other commitments.

Name Course Min Penalty Total
Jeffrey Lybarger a 1:18   36
Bill Davis a 2:02 320 -286
Name Course Min Penalty Total
Paul Gates g 1:27   69
Per Bringle g 1:28   68
Paul Humphreys g 1:28   62
Chris Randall g 1:28   62
Lisa Randall g 1:29   62
Anna Bringle g 1:31 10 58
Guido Nordmann g 1:29   48
John Wiliams--Parkview HS g 1:12   43
Rick Shane g 1:24   43
Stephanie Shane g 1:28   39
Rebecca Shane g 1:28   38
Craig Peder--JHS NJROTC g 1:23   25
Neil Martin g 1:31 10 25
William & Sam Gausphal g 1:18   22
Cruz Ward--JHS NJROTC g 0:55   21
Chase Johnson--JHS NJROTC g 1:16   20
Heath Rogers--JHS NJROTC g 1:15   20
Emily Ramsey--JHS NJROTC g 1:23   19
Gustav & Oskar Bringle g 1:23   19
Daniel Hobbs--JHS NJROTC g 1:09   17
Erica Shane g 1:32 20 13
Andrew Payne g 1:21   11
Kandy Carey g 0:57   8
Martha Carr g 1:33 30 -5
Kim Moore g 1:33 30 -6
Bill Farrell g 1:35 50 -18
Lavine / McIntyre g 2:59 890 -840
Name Course Min Penalty Total
Lyman i 1:25   36
Crab / Arnold i 1:29   30
Etowah ROTC 1--Knieriem, Clements, Seeloff i 1:26   25
Etowah ROTC 2--Knieriem, Smith, Long/ Bolle i 1:01   24
Ganga & White i 1:30   24
Team Sammons i 1:23   21
Sandy Creek HS JROTC3--Olson, Shuford, Hanoo i 1:08   18
Sandy Creek HS JROTC 5--Berryman & Smith i 0:48   18
JHS NJROTC--Campbell, Ashley i 1:25   17
JHS NJROTC--Barnes, Cody i 1:12   17
Bringle, Gustav & Oskar i 1:23   17
Krina, Nehal, Devan, Jarmin i 1:26   17
Carlson i 1:20   17
Troop 241, Dacus x 2, Josh, Alex, Matthew, Ivan i 1:21   16
Sandy Creek HS JROTC 2--Humphries, Duran, Duran i 1:29   16
JHS NJROTC--Ruggiero Allegra i 1:12   15
Sandy Creek HS 4--Pauley, Kilpatrick, Cain i 1:10   14
Cross Keys NJROTC--Gadeer, Guzman, Asencio, Gonzalez i 1:25   14
Eagle Landing NJROTC--Tana, Rick  i 1:25   12
Eagle Landing NJROTC--Cade Peterson  i 1:24   12
Ian & Dennis i 1:22   12
Connor, Wayne & Legg i 1:30   11
JHS NJROTC i 1:15   11
JHS HS NJROTC--Harris, Allie i 1:27   10
Cooler, Roy & Brett i 1:19   9
Bruce, Hunter, Ariel, Alena i 1:11   8
JHS NJROTC--Harlan & Kaylan i 1:11   5
Sandy Creek HS JROTC 1--Bagley, Hinderman, Dougherty i 1:33 30 -14
Cross Keys NJROTC2--Gutierrez, Navarrez, Rojas i 1:41 210 -201
Zahi Paz i 2:21 510 -497
Ohmad Afik i 2:31 520 -509
Carey, Edwards i 2:28 580 -566
Troop 6440 i 3:07 970 -958
JHS NJROTC--Wright, Matthew i 3:16 1160 -1151
Name Course Min Penalty Total
Eagles Landing HS NJROTC--Correa, Beard, Collins, Peterson SD 1:19   64
Upson-Lee HS NJROTC1--Richards, Thomas, Daut, McDowell SD 1:22   61
Peach Co. NJROTC--Rincon, Bautista, TheodociousPerez SD 1:18   49
Upson-Lee HS NJROTC4--Renfro, Sanderfer, Holloway, Jarvis, Monroe SD 1:19   48
Stone Mountain HS NJROTC--Baillie, Davis, Tinglin, Honeycutt, McNeal, Whitner, Susonaga  SD 1:28   35
Upson-Lee HS NJROTC2--Miscienko, Barkley, Webb, Ricerra SD 1:26   33
Upson-Lee HS NJROTC3--Farr, Eubanks, Young, Bovington, Jarvis SD 1:15   22