Georgia Orienteering Club
Gold Branch - February 17, 2008
Meet Director:
Danny Walker
Andreas Haldi
Martha Carr
Bill Farrell
Chris Randall
Bill Cheatum
Lorna McGee
Name  Course Time
Michelle Cortin/Dave Leach White 0:27
Leslie and Andrew Kehoe White 0:39
Ray and Scott Moody White 0:44
Kathy Wiggins White 0:47
Dick and Judy Shane White 0:53
Nicklaus White 0:58
Rebecca Shane/Dani Busham White DNF
Name  Course Time
Jack Forester Yellow 0:59
Billy and Dave Yellow 1:09
Len Burnham Yellow 1:16
Gustav Bringle Yellow 1:20
Michelle Curtin/Dave Leach Yellow 1:27
Lopez/Martinez Yellow 1:43
Qadeer/Nunez Yellow 1:43
Brandon/Johnny Yellow 1:49
2nd Wave Yellow 1:56
Larry Kastens Yellow 1:57
Sam Council Yellow 1:59
Forester Yellow 2:03
Erica Shane/Ashley Kehoe Yellow 2:45
Richard Shane Yellow DNF
Kathy Wiggins Yellow DNF
Leslie and Andrew Kehoe Yellow DNF
Name  Course Time
Jack Forester Orange 1:24
Bryan and Eva Goble Orange 1:27
Ron Tansill Orange 1:39
Geoffrey Lyman Orange 1:54
Rebecca Shane/Dani Busham Orange 1:54
Roark/Castreion Orange 2:00
Mike Plunkett/Ada Almonacid Orange 2:01
Mike and Ross Holt Orange 2:02
Tad Schlatre Orange 2:31
Sandy Henning Orange 2:35
Steph and Ali Orange DNF
David/Billy Orange DNF
Name  Course Time
Chris Randall Green 1:17
Rick Shane Green 1:33
Doug Fortenberry Green 1:35
Frank Alena Green 1:55
Diane Herbert Green 2:01
Allan Wadsworth Green 2:06
Jeffrey Lybarger Green 2:15
Stephanie Riggs Green 2:19
Joanna Williamson Green 2:22
Joe Hyman Green 2:28
Stephen Goldman Green 2:28
Lee Lohin/Cecile Lyn Green 2:42
Mark Russell Green 2:47
Michelle Berryman Green 2:53
Beth Fordyce Green 3:20
Holly Saxby Green DNF
Bob Frost Green DNF
Name  Course Time
Anna Bringle Red 1:21
Paul Gates Red 1:42
Jay Scott Red 1:46
Shawn Vaughan Red 1:55
Joshua Forester Red 2:04
Mike Ferguson Red 2:34
M. O'Grady Red 3:22
Ken Burkey Red DNF
Trey Hicks Red DNF
Lorna McGee Red DNF
Jim Guthrie Red DNF
Zack Doppel Red DNF