Sweetwater Creek State Park Results
Saturday June 5, 2010
Meet Director: Charlie Cottingham
Volunteers: Warren, Steve, Robbie, Bill
Bag Pick-up: Rick, Martina, Martha, Anne and Steve
Anne and Steve 640 Canoe-O
Mark Aarabi 530 Canoe-O
Lavine and McIntyre 450 Canoe-O
Pilman and Mathews 430 Canoe-O
Stephanie and Herishna 420 Canoe-O
Dave and Dave 350 Canoe-O
Gaynor Aarabi 290 Canoe-O
Dancu Family 190 Canoe-O
Toby Carmichael 100 Canoe-O
Fred Schmidt -10 Canoe-O
Susan and Eric Miller   Canoe-O
Sam Smith 990 Score-O
Keith and Martina 940 Score-O
Charlie Bleau 830 Score-O
Palmer and Young 670 Score-O
Baker and Saville 600 Score-O
Watson, Ervin, Walton 600 Score-O
Martha Carr 470 Score-O
Eero Maki 370 Score-O
Padwa and Russell 360 Score-O
Hildebrand 350 Score-O
Joshua and Steve 310 Score-O
Owen Oitmann 260 Score-O
Chekier and Barthley 180 Score-O
Dennis Cryor 140 Score-O
Walsh and Russell 120 Score-O