Red Top Mtn 2 Day O-meetMon 3/19/2018 5:24 AM
Sat Meet Directors: Steve Houghton and Anne LedbetterSun Meet Directors: Charlie and Chun Bleau
Overall resultscreated by OE2010 © Stephan Krämer SportSoftware 2017

Red (25)
PlNameClubDay 1Day 2Combined Times
1Hans EgefalkGAOC Georgia Orienteering Club1:05:3411:04:2312:09:57
2Chester Taylor-GrayHCHS Henry Co HS1:06:3021:05:5722:12:27
3Danilo NogueiraA/L At Large1:06:5331:11:0652:17:59
4Patrick SmithHCHS Henry Co HS1:08:1641:15:1572:23:31
5Yuriy BulkaA/L At Large1:13:3081:16:0482:29:34
6Marquis GordonHCHS Henry Co HS1:13:0271:17:4592:30:47
7Tyree ParksHCHS Henry Co HS1:14:2391:23:10132:37:33
8Piaras de CleirGAOC Georgia Orienteering Club1:17:47111:23:10132:40:57
9Anna BringleGAOC Georgia Orienteering Club1:17:35101:26:10162:43:45
10Geoff WorkGAOC Georgia Orienteering Club1:26:08121:19:21112:45:29
11Eduardo VargasHCHS Henry Co HS1:39:04131:09:1542:48:19
12Kevin RowleyGAOC Georgia Orienteering Club2:20:25152:17:06214:37:31
Jim HallCOK Carolina Orienteering Klubbmp1:41:4418
Lisa RandallGAOC Georgia Orienteering Club1:08:203
Lee LymanGAOC Georgia Orienteering Club1:41:2714
Charlie BaggettA/L At Large1:45:4019
Chris RandallGAOC Georgia Orienteering Club1:11:536
Christiane FletcherGAOC Georgia Orienteering Club1:46:3220
Jacob GallichioHGHS Hillgrove HS1:20:0612
Gideon HollanderA/L At Large1:26:0415
Zachary DerrowHGHS Hillgrove HS1:41:0117
Charlie BleauGAOC Georgia Orienteering Club1:10:136nc
Phillip HarringtonHCHS Henry Co HS1:09:145
Brendan SchirmHGHS Hillgrove HS1:18:3610
John ChambersGAOC Georgia Orienteering Club2:31:4716
Green (30)
PlNameClubDay 1Day 2Combined Times
1Mikequise HawkinsHCHS Henry Co HS57:4311:00:0031:57:43
2Harold JarquinHCHS Henry Co HS1:06:55259:2112:06:16
3Fred ZendtGAOC Georgia Orienteering Club1:08:5741:14:1562:23:12
4Kevon BentonHCHS Henry Co HS1:16:3771:16:5272:33:29
5Colby GroceAllHS Allatoona HS1:07:4731:28:44162:36:31
6Caitlyn CharlesHCHS Henry Co HS1:20:2691:17:4482:38:10
7Chanda RiggioHCHS Henry Co HS1:19:2581:25:13122:44:38
8Sam SmithGAOC Georgia Orienteering Club1:23:48121:22:44102:46:32
9Avery ParkerAllHS Allatoona HS1:23:46111:26:43142:50:29
10Matthew BerryAllHS Allatoona HS1:21:15101:55:32223:16:47
11Brianna MooreHCHS Henry Co HS1:24:19132:00:16233:24:35
12Simona PlatukyteGAOC Georgia Orienteering Club2:12:18171:46:38213:58:56
13Rick GreenVOC Vulcan Orienteering Club2:04:35162:01:56244:06:31
14Alina TuganovaVOC Vulcan Orienteering Club2:20:35192:18:41254:39:16
15John GavelGAOC Georgia Orienteering Club2:14:48182:53:12265:08:00
Scott ButchovitzGAOC Georgia Orienteering Club1:31:1314dnf
Logan WithamUGHS Union Grove HS1:23:1511
Anne LedbetterGAOC Georgia Orienteering Clubnc1:40:3518
Jennifer HarnageHGHS Hillgrove HS1:21:079
Mason BlumHGHS Hillgrove HS1:06:275
Jacob GallichioHGHS Hillgrove HS1:01:144
Geoff LymanGAOC Georgia Orienteering Club1:28:4315
Jeremy LutzUGHS Union Grove HS1:44:4620
Brooke DavidsonGAOC Georgia Orienteering Club1:41:0719
Ron SandersGAOC Georgia Orienteering Club1:11:586
Frank AlenaGAOC Georgia Orienteering Club1:32:5317
Gideon HollanderA/L At Large1:11:065
Bob FrostGAOC Georgia Orienteering Club1:25:5213
Peyton ValenciaHGHS Hillgrove HS59:572
Krishna TamburinoGAOC Georgia Orienteering Club1:32:1615
Brown (17)
PlNameClubDay 1Day 2Combined Times
1Richard BoothHCHS Henry Co HS39:06141:1821:20:24
2Antonio IrvinHCHS Henry Co HS44:57339:1911:24:16
3Kionee CampbellHCHS Henry Co HS45:53445:0831:31:01
4Brenton WareHCHS Henry Co HS41:09257:3761:38:46
5Travis JohnsonHCHS Henry Co HS52:56553:1651:46:12
6Rick ShaneGAOC Georgia Orienteering Club57:2461:01:3671:59:00
7Dennis CryorGAOC Georgia Orienteering Club1:20:3891:05:5292:26:30
8Fred DolderGAOC Georgia Orienteering Club1:43:11111:22:35113:05:46
Charles McCulloughGAOC Georgia Orienteering Club1:21:5410
Mary SmithHGHS Hillgrove HS52:064
Jac CliftonGAOC Georgia Orienteering Club1:03:258
Colin LymanGAOC Georgia Orienteering Club1:24:4912
Tom FletcherGAOC Georgia Orienteering Club1:27:1213
Krishna TamburinoGAOC Georgia Orienteering Club1:35:5214
Chun BleauGAOC Georgia Orienteering Club1:26:3910nc
Lee LymanGAOC Georgia Orienteering Club59:317
Rob HendersonKMHS Kennesaw Mtn HS1:08:358
Orange (27)
PlNameClubDay 1Day 2Combined Times
1Fredrick GodbyHCHS Henry Co HS42:20143:1911:25:39
2Anderson RibasA/L At Large48:47253:1421:42:01
3DeQuavion GoodrumHCHS Henry Co HS1:12:3231:02:2832:15:00
4Alivean WeaverA/L At Large1:18:2041:09:1842:27:38
5Rebekah JenkinsHCHS Henry Co HS1:25:0151:21:5492:46:55
6Mathew DownesAllHS Allatoona HS1:38:3271:42:20183:20:52
7Cindy LouderbackVOC Vulcan Orienteering Club2:19:2592:19:00224:38:25
Kenneth and Rae HycheGAOC Georgia Orienteering Clubmp2:18:1921
Jaden BookerHGHS Hillgrove HS1:16:267
Bailey Ann WhitworthHGHS Hillgrove HS1:23:0112
Anne LedbetterGAOC Georgia Orienteering Clubnc1:49:2020
Alex BeckerHGHS Hillgrove HS2:50:5024
Elena MortensenHGHS Hillgrove HS1:22:5511
James GriffinHGHS Hillgrove HS1:11:246
Kiera-Grace BelangerHGHS Hillgrove HS1:28:0114
Kevin PeoplesHGHS Hillgrove HS1:35:3817
Derek HansbroughGAOC Georgia Orienteering Club1:44:4719
Keneen BonnerHCHS Henry Co HS1:27:516
Fabian NguyenHGHS Hillgrove HS1:29:3616
Jordan CalebHCHS Henry Co HS1:22:4010
Jason RodriguezHGHS Hillgrove HS1:21:138
Angelina VargasHCHS Henry Co HS1:28:1515
Lee MillerGAOC Georgia Orienteering Clubdnf
Sophia RhoadsGAOC Georgia Orienteering Club1:47:258
Carter McDonaldHGHS Hillgrove HS2:33:3023
Tristan CampbellHGHS Hillgrove HS1:10:385
Nadia DarasengHGHS Hillgrove HS1:24:4213
Yellow (24)
PlNameClubDay 1Day 2Combined Times
1Curtis CarsonGAOC Georgia Orienteering Club1:05:5021:03:01102:08:51
2Hezekiah CurryHCHS Henry Co HS2:42:35101:43:25134:26:00
Jordan JosephAllHS Allatoona HSdnf2:15:4115
Logan WithamUGHS Union Grove HS25:291
Zach RichardsAllHS Allatoona HS1:00:589
Jeremy LutzUGHS Union Grove HS28:572
Brad PhillipsA/L At Large1:45:4214
Dwayne Macinis1:33:0512
Matthew DownesAllHS Allatoona HS38:445
Matthew BerryAllHS Allatoona HS30:483
Angelina VargasHCHS Henry Co HS52:067
Alivean WeaverA/L At Large52:408
Jordan Caleb41:026
Nicholas TerrellBSA Boy Scouts1:26:154
Endre CseleyA/L At Large38:254
Jeffrey SloaneA/L At Large55:171
Roger GrizzellA/L At Large1:18:3711
Cathy NeherGAOC Georgia Orienteering Club2:05:119
Reaves HoweBSA Boy Scouts1:58:026
Aidan CamachoGAOC Georgia Orienteering Club2:05:008
Drew BrannamGAOC Georgia Orienteering Club1:42:095
Will BabcockGAOC Georgia Orienteering Club2:04:067
Adam BurtonDulHS Duluth HS1:16:553
Miguel GuevaraDulHS Duluth HSdnf
White (8)
PlNameClubDay 1Day 2Combined Times
1Curtis CarsonA/L At Large49:04339:1621:28:20
Aaron LaddBSA Boy Scouts48:092
Jason GrechGAOC Georgia Orienteering Club35:181
Jayden RandallGAOC Georgia Orienteering Club1:09:573
Jordanna VrekenA/L At Large49:514
Sinyee de CleirGAOC Georgia Orienteering Clubmp
Ana Margareth RibasA/L At Large48:081
Jon JaspanA/L At Largednf
Silver (7)
PlNameClubDay 1Day 2Combined Times
1Vinton WolfeGAOC Georgia Orienteering Club1:01:2611:13:1252:14:38
Bill FarrellGAOC Georgia Orienteering Clubdnf2:29:526
Martha CarrGAOC Georgia Orienteering Clubdnf2:29:526
Jason GrechGAOC Georgia Orienteering Club1:04:203
Jen HarnageHGHS Hillgrove HS1:01:412
Les HollingsworthGAOC Georgia Orienteering Club52:361
Tristan CampbellHGHS Hillgrove HS1:06:464