Georgia Orienteering Club
April 2004 News

Arabia Mountain Meet - 04/10/04

Bill Farrell wrote:  THANK YOU, Pittman family, another great job!

Arabia was even more beautiful than I had expected... a micro display of color all over the mountain. The wild flowers were in bloom -- everywhere, softening the harshness of the bare rock. The running was fast, even with the shaky footing in spots. The map needs some work -- just like all of maps, but it was great fun trying to figure things out. I did not make too many mistakes... except running too near the rooster farm and got them all stirred-up... but they helped me relocate. I was even lucky enough to guess correctly on a bag that was a little off, always satisfying. It will not make the official results, but Andreas asked if I would pull a "Blue" up, by adding another 4 km to the Red. 12+ km in 82 minutes... pretty good!

As I was doing my pedestrian tour, enjoying the "pools" of tiny flowers, I noticed that Mary Terry and friends had outlined EVERY depression (where the rare things live) in yellow, making them very easy to see. Then I realized it was the pollen which had collected around the edge after Thursday's showers water evaporated. I was proud that, in my exhausted state, I could figure it out.

Next week we shall go to Alabama for their championship... 3 hour, multi-valued Score O. Joey won me over when he said there would be FOOD!

Then Mike Ferguson will entertain us at Red Top (another Blue and that GPS stuff too)

I'll see you there, Bill.


Joey Ciza wrote: Thank you to the Pitmans for an enjoyable run. This was my first visit to Arabia. A great change from the regular run in the woods.
Great views of nature in full bloom. Got distracted with all of the open bare rock and flowers going to #1 and wound up at #4 - just wasn't paying attention. Was about to give up on #7 and decided to move over to the west a little and found it. It was a little warm on the south side of the rock between #6 and #7 so I stayed down at the edge of the trees in the shadows. Managed to make it back home before the rain hit in Birmingham.

Great seeing everyone again! Come on over and join us at Oak Mtn next Saturday, April 17, for a score meet with 35 controls. If the orienteering isn't enough to get you over, we're throwing some hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill and feeding everyone too. This will probably be one of the last chances to see Oak Mtn before the A- meet in January 2005. Oak Mtn is about 160 miles from downtown Atlanta - I-20 west to I-459 south to I-65 south to I-65 exit 246 at Pelham, AL and follow the signs to Oak Mtn State Park. We normally start anytime between 10am and noon Central Time, but I am usually ready by 9am.


Vinton Wolfe wrote: It was good to get out and orienteer after being so absent for so long.
Remarkable, I did not make any mistakes and found all except No. 7 on the Green. Though I DNF'd, I am consoled by the fact that No. 7 was not placed correctly as indicated on the master map. Also, I was pleased to do 5.3 km in 83 minutes considering what little running I've done lately.

It was great to see some of my old friends. The weather and mountain were beautiful - blue skies and colorful wildflowers. Thanks to the Pitman family for a fine meet.


J Short wrote: Had a good time today at Arabia - thank you to the organizers and helpers.

Doing the Yellow - I had no problems with #s 1 through 7. In fact, I was feeling pretty good about my performance (despite the fact that I don't run) and was confident heading to #8.

I got a very good workout going up and working around Arabia Mountain trying to find #8.... wait a minute, you are probably thinking, Yellow didn't go there. Yeah - I know that.... now!
<g> Spent unknown # of minutes wandering around when I ran into
two groups doing a higher color course who pointed out just where the heck I was.

Walked past the roosters to Klondike road... walked down to the path and where #9 was - walked back in to get #8 and then back out to punch #9.

Overall - 100 minutes of fun and D'OH-ness.

Thanks also to Bill and Joey for taking time to talk with me afterwards about pacing and the proper form of map holding. <g>


Robb Stanek wrote: Boy it was good to get out and run again. A little warm in some areas, but definitely enjoyable. Arabia really adds a little variety to things.

Arriving late was good thing, as I got a bit of scoop on the course, and at least knew #7 was not in the right place (even though I checked just to be sure).

Enjoyed hearing Joey talk about his first adventure race with his son, and hoping that I get to do a few more.

BTW, anyone up for a Rogaine in June and September? My friend Brad does a terrific job. More info at


Guido wrote: My first time at Arabia and it was a lot of fun. Very fast because of the open rock formation, but the Pitmans found a way to slow all of us down...;-)

Spent almost 20 minutes at #7 wandering up and down. More and more runners came, at the end we were a pack of five. Sam had the right idea and guided us in the successful direction.
The weather was great, the view of the lake was awesome (I think it was calling my name for a refreshing dip).

Thanks to the Pitmans for a job well done!