Georgia Orienteering Club
December 2003 News

Vulcan Orienteering Club hosts A-Meet

VOC is looking at co-hosting a national orienteering meet at Oak Mtn State Park in February, 2005 (probably 19-20 and maybe even 21). The co-host would be the U.S. Orienteering Team. The U.S. Orienteering Team is making this proposal because it is interested in contributing to further development of orienteering in the United States, and because the Team views this possibility as a fundraising opportunity. The Team has co-hosted several successful A-meets with other clubs. (A-meet is the USOF term for a USOF sanctioned, national orienteering meet).

In order to do this, we will need a lot of help. The good news is that the U.S. Orienteering Team will handle a lot of the technical aspects of the A-meet. We will need to have quite a few volunteers to help with publicity, starting line crew, finish line crew, communication, first aid...and more.

We also will need a Participant Services Chief. This position may be key to the success of the event. The Chief is responsible for organizing social happenings, meals, and ceremonies; and suggesting participant accommodations.

You do not need to be an expert orienteer to help with any of these. Volunteering to help does not mean that you can not participate. This would probably be a two day event (Saturday & Sunday) and maybe even a 3rd day, Monday during the President's day weekend in February, 2005. If you would like to volunteer, please let me know.

An application to host an A-meet must be filed one year in advance with the USOF. February 2005 sounds like a long way off, but the USOF application will need to be filed in about 2 months or less.

A-meets are a lot of fun. You get to meet a lot of people from many parts of the country and even other parts of the world and you can learn a lot from many of them! We'll have some of the top orienteers around to learn from....the U.S. Orienteering Team.

It has been many years since the VOC has hosted a national meet. I think it would go a long way in not only promoting orienteering in Alabama, but showing off one of the best orienteering terrains in the U.S.

Lots of things will need to be worked out before this becomes official, but it looks like the ball is rolling.....

Joey Ciza
Vulcan Orienteering Club

Mistletoe Meet - December 20

Shawn Callahan wrote - Thank you to all that came out and got down and dirty at Mistletoe. A little cold, but a great time orienteering. Hang'em high or hang'em low, most of you know which one I choose. Thanks to all the volunteers who pitched in to help at the meet. And the cake was great for breakfast!


Bill Farrell wrote -

Shawn gave us a wonderful good-bye gift in the form of another excellent GAOC "local meet"!

It reminded me of my old college frat days of paddling during "hell week" -- we would say... "Thank you Sir, may I have another!" Well, Shawn gave us plenty of very challenging orienteering... ditches, ditches and DITCHES!

The joy of the map is that the ditches mapped are there... as well as many, many more that look the same, but were not mapped. I never was able to find the correct ditch the controls were lying in the bottom of...

Shawn hung them just like I do... down and dirty -- Southern style!

Many said they had no trouble, but I struggled with every control... just like orienteering is supposed to be. Shawn even arranged the course to allow me to look into the low sun on every control. He also let me climb plenty on a flat area... my legs were rubber after the third control. I spent 31 minutes on the first control... gully peeking.

It was clear and chilly, but plenty of folks showed up. All will remember Shawn... he will be greatly missed. Bill


Mike Ferguson wrote: I like Bill spent about 30 min looking for # 1 ( first of many boo-boo's) thanks for the fun, you'll be missed by all.


Martha Carr wrote -

After picking up bags and seeing what poor condition some of them are in, I have to take my hat off to Shawn. He obviously put a great deal of thought into "protecting" those little bags this time from the daylight, the elements----and just plain view! He protected them under rocks and branches, in ditches, in ditches, and in ditches--I think he even kicked leaves on a couple up. I thank you Shawn, and the bags thank you.

I had a great time looking for number 1 as much as everyone else did. And it gave me a warm feeling to finally find it "tucked away" for safe keeping. Thanks for a great time--I know we'll see you again at a meet sometime, somewhere.


Bob Domine wrote - The last meet of 2003 at Mistletoe State Park was an outstanding one. I did forget about my old weather predicting technique of it will be 20 on the 20th of December. Despite the somewhat cold weather, the turnout was great.

Shawn did a terrific job of putting out great courses and stumped the stars a little! All seemed to really enjoy the day our including Linda and myself.

Shawn, we're going to miss you. Please come back to visit often.Thanks to you all who make our club successful and fun. Linda and I wish you all a wonderful and spiritually meaningful Christmas.

Warmest Regards,

Bob D.

Sweetwater Creek State Park Meet - December 7

Bill Farrell wrote - Thank you Jeane and Frank... It was a great day!

We got off to an early was chilly, but it turned into a beautiful day. The courses we great and the woods were wide open -- except where they were not. The hills were still there and gave us a chance to find our best way.

Frank did an outstanding job of testing my body and my brain. I made no major errors... but I still had to get there. I still enjoy seeing the young folks float over the terrain that I am crawling through... I can still remember the good old days.

It seem to me that Frank had a wonderful turn-out... I saw smiling faces everywhere.

Thanks to all those who helped. Bill.


Robb Stanek wrote - I too thought it was great, the Red course with few controls and long legs made for terrific practice. I'm sure many of the folks from the local Adventure Racing community thank you too for the course, as it more closely resembled what they might face in the new year.

Terrific job to all who played a role in putting this day together.


Joey Ciza wrote - Thank you Frank and the rest of the crew!

I enjoyed the RED course. The few controls made for long legs with lots of route choices - great practice. Enjoyed chatting with everyone. Hope to see ya'll again in the near future.

Come join us at Oak Mtn if you get a chance...
Joey Ciza
Vulcan Orienteering Club


Bob Domine wrote - Yes, it was a great Orienteering day!

This was as nice as we could have asked for it in December. Sunny but crisp. We had a great crowd with some very good competition. The courses were interesting and physically challenging enough too. Frank and his team ran a great event and it looked like great fun for all - even those out on the course for 4 hours!

I could not believe Ron Tansill caught up with me at #7 control on the Green. I hope in 10 more years I can move like that. Great job on the Orange course Laurie Searle. I noticed that good competition time ~

Thanks to all who participated and for sure those who supported.

Thank you Jeane and Frank... It was a great day!
Thanks to all of you for all you do to support our club,
Bob Domine
GAOC President


Ron Tansill wrote - t was a great late fall day for orienteering. I never want to miss one of Frank's events even though I had a sore hip and thought about skipping it this time.

On the Green course, Bob Dominie cruised by me on the uphill climb from control # 5 to # 6, but surprise, I managed to catch up with him and we briefly looked for control # 7 together. Enjoyed navigating over gentle hills to control # 8, but was slower than Bob and didn't see him again, rested and relaxed, until the finish.

Thanks! Hope my hip is better in couple of weeks for Shawn's Mistletoe event.