Georgia Orienteering Club
February 2003 News

GAOCer Provides Youth Programs through "Adventure Alternatives"

Shawn Callahan wrote: I am working for 'Adventure Alternatives' providing counseling programs for troubled, at-risk, or otherwise challenged youth. I could use you help spreading the word about our programs. If you or someone you know works with youth, as an:

* Adolescent therapist
* Family therapist
* Education consultant
* School counselor (private, public, board)
* School administration
* Or other youth service area

Then please take a moment to visit our website at and our programs for youth (Adventure Based Counseling & Emotional Growth programs).

Our programs can be tailored to a wide variety of youth and we serve families throughout the Eastern United States. See Program Flyer.

Thank you for your help,

Shawn Callahan, Program Specialist
Adventure Alternatives (Georgia)
404/966-8087 |

Red Top Mountain Meet 

Bill Farrell wrote: Hey All,

I hope you took a chance and headed to Red Top this morning! It turned out to be a perfect day!

Frank and his friends had worked hard to give a great day in the woods -- and they did! Thank You All!

I thought that Green would be plenty for me... and it was. Frank made me check my map for almost every leg. I am comfortable with the map, but I could not find any easy ways to get there... and it was always up!

Martha went out with her niece, Rory - 6, for her first Orange course and they both had a great time. Nothing is as pleasurable as seeing that big smile of the first timer.

See how many of your friends you introduce to Orienteering and enjoy those smiles! Bill.


Bob Domine wrote

I agree with Bill F., Frank Mills did an outstanding job putting on an excellent event! The weather report Friday was so intimidating with 100% chance of severe rain forecasted for our event on Saturday. Though it was rough weather at our house when we left Saturday morning, the weather at Red Top was cloudy with some sun breaking thru and 65 F - perfect!

Frank set out some challenging courses, at least for me - I overran then "goofed" around on the first 3 controls! Alan Wadsworth caught me there and really put me into hurry up mode. I don't remember Alan being this good last year!! He is obviously getting serious.

Preparation and organization of the meet were first rate. This was Frank's first time as Meet Director putting all of the pieces together. The club has another proven event leader:-)

Thanks also to the many volunteers. We all really appreciate it so much. Many hands make the heavy load fun. Thanks too for the help from Jan, Beth Bradshaw's sister (same pretty blue eyes), at registration, and the Luis Caamano family for control pickup.

Thanks to all of you for all you do to support our club,
Bob Domine
GAOC President

US National Trail-O Championships in NC - Frank Kuhn

The 2003 US NATIONAL TRAIL ORIENTEERING CHAMPIONSHIPS will be held on Day 1, April 5,2003- of the BATTLE OF KINGS MOUNTAIN IV event hosted by the Carolina Orienteering Klubb <>.

ALL ARE WELCOME TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS EVENT according to their particular interests e.g.-

- Finding out how Trail-O differs from Foot Orienteering (the regular courses offered during this two day event).

- Finding out why Trail-O is such a challenging form of orienteering-mental vs. physical.

- Testing the map reading skills of the elite folks on the one hand and helping others becoming better Foot Orienteers regardless of age, experience and physical limitations.

- Competing against those orienteers who have achieved very high scores in previous National and Regional Championships.

- Winning a place on the "Paralympic Class Team" that will participate in the Trail Orienteering World Cup in Winterhur,Switzerland, August 5 to 7, 2003.

When completing the US ORIENTEERING STANDARD ENTRY FORM, on line 15 enter "Trail-O and $6.00."  If you already have sent in your Entry Form, you may sign up and pay your $6.00 fee at the check-in desk in the Trail-O start area.

After you receive your Control Card, circle OPEN CLASS or PARALYMPIC as applicable. "Paralympic" is defined as someone who has some permanent physical disabilities, including hidden disabilities, which give them significant disadvantages in Foot Orienteering competition.

Trail-O Event Packages (map, control card, instructions,etc.) may be picked up in the Trail-O start area. Details about start location, time course will open and close, number of control clusters/time controls and other information pertinent to the Trail-O Event will be available in the regular Foot-O Event packet.


Frank H. Kuhn
Chairman, USOF Trail Orienteering Committee

Joe Kurz Meet - 020803

Bill Farrell wrote - Well, we did have a meet today... Kevin set it and we came.... and it was another perfect day of orienteering!

The park is fast and flat... I wish I had remembered that they had burned some of the dark green.... making it white again. I am sure everybody else did not run around all the green like I did... but I got my exercise!

Kevin did a great job of making me look at my map for almost every leg... and he made me ask every hunter for a ride. We did have a great day of fun with our friends... and we saved the lives of many bunnies.

Great job Kevin and all the helpers! Thank You! Bill.


Bob Domine wrote: It was a beautiful and sunny day though a little brisk temperature wise.

Kevin did a great job, putting out some really fun courses and the process went smooth. I too thank Kevin and all those who supported the meet. I ran the green course and had an interesting time with a few nice bobbles. On the 1 to 2 leg I bounced off a bob wire fence cartoon style. I never saw it until I hit it! It shook me up a little, but at least my pace count restart was accurate. Running across the pine tree rows was great fun.

Thanks again Kevin for organizing and putting on a great meet!