Georgia Orienteering Club
March 2004 News

Red Top Meet - March 25

Jeff wrote: Thanks to those that did the "leg work" to put together today's o

Like the previous meets that I've been to... first visit to this place.

Thanks also to those that replied back to my message about coloring- up. I decided to chicken out and do yellow today. Did it in just under 2 hours... would of been a bit faster if I didn't do some dumb mistakes and "trust the map" (starting to sound like a broken record).

2-3: Instead of taking the up and over route, I went back to the main road and then followed that to the creek area. I wanted to limit the number of times that I had to go "3 miles up, 3 miles down"

5-6: Looking at the map now, I realize that I made a poor route decision. I followed the trail to the cleaning... instead of just heading to the creek. In addition, when I made it to the area, I started looking in the wrong creek!

9: The "fence". Went right past it... started looking around, knowing that I was in the right spot (cemetary in front of me, clearing to the right). I turn around and there it was... I swear it was sticking its tongue out at me.

Still had fun...Jeff


Bill Farrell wrote: Thanks Mike and all... another perfect day of GAOC orienteering.

Red Top is one of our favorite parks... and all those smiling faces proved it.

Mike did an outstanding job with the courses and we were all buzzing about our mistakes. I still don't understand how Mike planned my course so that I would cross every fallen tree in the park. I just knew everyone else on my course were picking faster routes -- and I was right!

Next time... May 8th... Island Ford... a new map increases the area about a third. See you there. Bill.


Robin Shannonhouse wrote: Thanks to Mike & crew for a wonderful day at Red Top Mtn. Great course, terrific friends, beautiful weather, can't beat it!

Thanks also to Laurie for keeping me company as I limped around the Orange course. I'm afraid my slow progress bored her a bit, but I did enjoy it very much.

It's great also to see all the high schoolers having such a good time, even when they are sure the controls they're looking for aren't there.
Their energy overwhelms me...


Bob Domine wrote: Thanks for putting on a great meet at Red Top. From the looks of the results, you spurred some great competition. Sorry I did not make it in time to run a Green.

It was a great day and I enjoyed the taste of the courses with the control pickup.

It was good to see Mal Harding and wow, he is another fast one too!

Thanks too to all who helped!

Warmest Regards,

Bob D.


Pickett's Mill Meet - March 14

Bill Farrell wrote:  Thank You -- Mike and Jason... it was a perfect day!

Pickett's Mill is my favorite place. So much history, such wonderful terrain and perfect weather to run Mike's interesting courses. I was able to run... when I wasn't crawling and had to think about my route choice on every leg -- just as it should be. Mike just can't get a break... last time folks thought the controls were too low (not me -- they can't get too low... as long as they are in the correct spot), so this time he "hung them high". We are getting too soft... not enough crying and nashing of teeth for me.

The woods were wide open and the results will show -- fast! I can't wait for the next meet. I hope to see you there. Bill.

Along with the "G" in gnash, I forgot to thank good old Steve Shannonhouse for always being there and keeping our times. We had a gang pick-up too... and they were all waiting for me to get back! Great folks, Bill.


Guido wrote: Thanks Mike for a great and challenging meet! The controls were placed nicely, just the way to them was more complicated: Do I go all the way around or do I take the up and down choice (more up than down of course).

But everything was great, a wonderful day out in the woods. You sure missed a good one! It was well worth the drive! A big hand for Mike!


Bob Domine wrote: Mike Ferguson and his team put on an outstanding meet for us yesterday!

What a fun day!! The courses were perfect, the weather was perfect - the only thing I could not figure out was how Bill Farrell beat me on the Green course.

I left the start fairly well and got a real boost of energy from the GO bag being hung at the second control. After seeing it in that position, it just makes so much more sense to GO early in your run rather than wait until you are almost done.

Anyway I pondered all the way home how Bill could have beat me. He even let me try to get out of it by reminding me of my rolling my ankle two weeks ago at Mistletoe. No, you can only use an excuse for one meet, after that you have to come up with a new one. (He beat me at Mistletoe too.) On the way home I figured it out!

Andreas has been riding with Bill and obviously has shared the secret on how he runs so fast. I figure Bill is running along at a somewhat slow speed when we can all see him such as near trails and by the road so we won't suspect, but when he is on the back side such as between 5 and 6 on our Green course he is running just as fast as Andreas.

I'm on to you Bill. The secret is out. Now I just have to figure what to do about it.

Again, Mike thanks for a super time.