Georgia Orienteering Club
October 2003 News

Picket's Mill Meet - Oct 19

Bill Farrell wrote - We had a beautiful day in the woods. Many of the folks had so much fun, they did two courses. The woods were wide open and the hills were... still hills, but there were some excellent times posted. The fastest were about at my "guesses". It was a big step up for those many runners moving up to Orange... but they will only get faster. Most folks were tired, but still smiling. I heard a few moans and groans... which I both loved and ignored! Generally, there were no problems -- not my usual style. The only real surprise were the numbers of folks who joined us. I will ask again ask that if you are bringing a group -- PLEASE CALL -- to let us know... that way we will not run out of color maps. If you think running on a complex map, printed in black and white, is easy -- just give it a try sometime -- very difficult... and that used to be all we had!

Bert Adams O-Meet - Oct 5

Frank Mills wrote - The star of the show was the perfect weather, the help of so many volunteers, and the bright shining faces of SO MANY new orienteers, especially the very young ones. Another star was David Barron, the Ranger at the camp, without whose cooperation, help, and support none of this would be possible. As Bob and Linda pointed out, he even helped with bag pickup. He was good at it, too.

Bob and Linda were too kind with their comments. I threw in a few inadvertent curves. Several people mentioned / complained about the location and letter designation of Control #15. When both were wrong, that should have been a dead giveaway. It was a decoy. The real Control #15 was properly placed. The decoy was inadvertent–an extra control not on the map. Next year we may do it on purpose. Another curve was my attempt to make last minute map corrections. My numbered changes with legend at the bottom were mistaken by some to be changed controls. The lack of clarity was my fault. The Bert Adams Scout Reservation map is a work in progress. There is much potential for improvement–even more for expansion into other areas, and adaptation for Canoe-O. Additional mappers are needed.


Bob Domine wrote - What a great event we had at Bert Adam Scout Reservation yesterday! That followed an outstanding Saturday with several hundred Boy Scouts getting a taste of our sport. Frank Mills, VP of Scouts headed both days up applying several preparation trips and a super effort putting this all together.

Both days were done as a score O. Yesterday at our GAOC event, there was something for everyone. Basic-Intermediate for our newer participants, Intermediate-Advanced for our regulars, "Glutton for Punishment" for those who wanted it all and would carry two punch cards, and "Search and Destroy" which was invented by our JROTC last year, allowing the teams to separate and find all of them!

The weather was wonderful and we had a crowd of over 200 with a very nice mix of Boy Scouts, JROTC, new families and "regulars." There were lots of smiling faces everywhere. We had outstanding cooperation from the people that manage the reservation. David Barren was particularly helpful and supportive. He even helped with control pickup!

Special thanks to Pam Shroyer, Daniel Pittman, Shawn Callahan and Linda Domine for generously pitching in to help make the meet a success.

The meet ran very well and Frank finally did get a break for a bite to eat about 4:00pm :-)

Again thanks to Frank, the event team and all who joined us. Thanks to all of you for all you do to support our club, Bob Domine.


Linda Domine wrote: Hat's off to Frank Mills for putting forth such a gallant effort for the Scout weekend at Bert Adams this past Saturday and Sunday, in conjunction with being this weekend's Meet Director! God Bless Frank for not only tending those details but then wanting to sort through the Score-O details for Start/Finish, without taking a break through all of the Start/Finish Times. Then he helped do bag pick-up too with Shawn, Bob, David Barron and I.

It was good to see how many more Scouts came out this year on Sunday for the actual GAOC meet, as their confidence grew from Frank's Instruction and Training Course on Saturday. That Frank coordinates the bulk of these details by himself on top of a very demanding work-week, is most admirable!

Frank so deserves recognition for his commitment to being the interface liaison of bringing the Scouts' skills in Orienteering to the standards that both USOF and GAOC instruct and uphold. It was a Joy to see Frank's efforts rewarded with such a successful meet on Sunday. We know the map needs corrections and along with corrections on the current map, David Barron at Bert Adams is very much hoping that the acreage south of the large lake will be mapped for possibly even next year. Any of our Jr. mappers want to assist on this field checking?

Just want to say Thanks to Frank, Shawn, Pam Schroyer, Daniel Pittman, Robbie, Steve and David Barron for being available as we needed. Pam came with only the intent to help and not run. Volunteering to free others to have a fun-day of O-participation is what it takes to support the growing numbers of O-participants.

Thanks to All for another fun O-Weekend!