Georgia Orienteering Club
September 2004 News

Arabia Mountain Meet - September 5
Rick Shane wrote -
A big thanks to all the folks who helped handle the huge turnout yesterday at Arabia!

At the risk of missing someone or something, I will try to mention some of the contributions made. I know there were many more. My wife and kids handled the registration. Steve and Robin worked the whole day...instruction, numbering registration forms, results, figuring out that all the runners were back, bag pick-up, etc. Linda and Bob worked early (instruction and map copying), left to do an errand, then came back for bag pickup. Martha worked the whole registrations, starts, finish, etc., generally acted very presidential. Bill kept general order, worked start, and hauled extra water to the water stop several times. Andreas handled starts, got everyone started, then started himself and beat everyone back. Andreas also did bag pick-up. Guido did bag pickup. Greg Dunlop worked finish. Many others contributed here and there as needed.

I want to thank the leaders of the JROTC groups that were there for all their cooperation, help getting the kids registered, and generally keeping things in very good order.

I want to thank everyone who helped to do such a great job of cleaning up the entire area. I looked around late in the day, thinking I would have some trash pickup to do, and found nothing. Amazing.

Thanks again to all!

Robin Shannonhouse wrote -
At the meet today, several folks asked me how many school groups came. From the registrations, we had groups from the following high schools:
Union Grove
South Aiken

Nothing like the start of the Fall season!

I want to express my appreciation for Rick Shane for being such a calm meet director, in contrast to his crew of mostly headless chickens. And a special Thanks to the ladies of the Shane family. They handled the registration table with poise and efficiency. Then, after working all morning, the girls still had the energy to finish 3rd on the White course.
Very cool!

And to the JROTC instructors of the 7 school groups attending -- Please give your students our compliments. They were polite, patient and as Rick said, cleaned up perfectly after themselves. Several GAOC volunteers commented to me on how great the JROTC students handled themselves. NONE of them gave us any problems and we really appreciate their cooperation and spirit. Hope they all had fun!

Linda Domine wrote -
Although I'm no longer the VP of Volunteers, (Bob's term was not the only one that was over) nor did I play a part in recruiting the Arabia Mtn.
Volunteers, I'm still impressed to applaud and congratulate everyone's concerted efforts to assist Rick Shane and his family today. As Martha had earlier discussed with Bob, she was as the new club President going to return to having each meet director be responsible for recruiting their meet help. Having done a good bit of the Volunteer coordination these past 5 years and knowing we've a larger club base of experienced members knowing every meet director's volunteer need, Bob and I agreed that Martha's desire to return to having each meet director recruit their volunteers was reasonable.

Rick had requested help for Instruction and since Bob and I knew we'd be there early, we knew we could support this volunteer need he had. Little did we know that after Bob had last checked the club's hotline, that Rick's meet would have a turn-out of orienteers that nearly filled 6 pages!! For this being the first meet of Martha's Presidency, I just was so gratified at how congruent everyone was to "pitch-in" and do whatever post needed volunteer support. I know this was a great relief to Rick and Deb today and it made all the difference for making Arabia such a successful meet.

With especially the turn-out we had today at Arabia and with our next GAOC meet in 2 weeks at Dausett Trails being Nat'l O Day, Robin's understandably concerned that because maps will be free, that we may have
a repeat of today as far as numbers in attendance. All the more reason,
I'm starting our recruiting for that meet today!! To ALL of you GAOC'ers, old and new alike, I'm requesting volunteer support at Dausett's Nat'l O Day. If you can assist w/ any post, please, let us know asap.

Thank You All Again for such a fun day in the woods,



Bill Farrell wrote - Yes, to Rick and all his support team, a BIG thank you. Great job!

A Big Thank You to Rick and family... and friends for another perfect day of GAOC orienteering!

Got see my friends and many new JROTC faces.... 4 or 5 bus loads.

Rick found some new ways to exercise our minds and our bodies... both of mine are harder to stimulate!

I had a great time... an about as well as I could... even had a complaint -- BUT I was wrong.... hard to believe!

Another great day! Bill.


Bob Domine wrote - Hi All,

Yes, to Rick and all his support team, a BIG thank you. Great job!

My apologies on not letting the meet director, Rick know just how many of you would be coming from the schools resulting in not having enough maps. I really believed that I did check the Voice Mail late this past week, Thurs. or Friday. This afternoon, I had calls from Locust Grove, So. Aiken, Union Grove and Jackson.

We will pull together a more bullet proof process for in the future. Again my apologies.

Warmest Regards,

Bob Domine