Georgia O-Fest 2018
Georgia Orienteering
Meet guide will be updated as information becomes available and plans are finalized.
Date Version Notes
1/5/2018 1.0.0 Initial posting, updates to follow if needed
1/6/2018 1.1.0 Updated host hotel phone number
Please note that the meet guide will only be available online. If you need a hardcopy, please print the guide and bring it with you.
There will be a 'Quick Guide' in your packet.
Packet front has venue information maps here

Quick Guide
Front page here
Back page here
When printing model maps, make sure you print full size, not 'fit to page' so scale is correct
Hard Labor Creek Model Map
Hard Labor Creek model map available here

Model map is very small because courses use most of the terrain in this area of the park.
Mistletoe Model Map
Mistletoe model map available here
Southeast Interscholastics (SEIS)
General information letter here
Scoring information here