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The Georgia Orienteering Club is a non-profit organization affiliated with the U.S. Orienteering Federation and created to serve the interests of orienteering in Georgia and the Southeast.  The club’s main function is to promote orienteering as an outdoor sport and recreation through the sponsoring of orienteering meets and production of orienteering maps.  Your membership directly supports these activities.

When you join GAOC, you receive discounts on local meet registrations, voting rights on club issues, and you also promote Orienteering in Georgia.  Without our valuable members, who are also our volunteer base, there would be no Orienteering available to the general public. So if you like Orienteering and want to see is grow in Georgia, complete the GAOC Membership Form send it in with your annual dues.

If you'd like to also join on the national level, we recommend membership in Orienteering USA.  Membership benefits include a one-year subscription to Orienteering North America magazine, discounts at Orienteering USA-Sanctioned Class "A" events, voting rights, and the knowledge that you are supporting the sport of Orienteering.  

bulletGAOC Membership Form (individuals, couples, families)
bulletGAOC Youth Group Membership Form
bulletOrienteering USA Membership


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